Time to say goodbye

Steps in learning to grieve

The new book by author

Barbara Pymm

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The website ‘Time to Say Goodbye’ is an introduction to my published book ‘Time to Say Goodbye – Steps in learning to grieve’. This book traces my personal story of bereavement, beginning with the death of my mother as a child of eight.

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A deeply evocative title for a deeply moving and personal story.
Today, death and grief are among the most difficult subjects to talk about. Barbara does so with a rare honesty and clarity, that is both poignant and raw. She gives expression to our own often unspoken thoughts and feelings, and her words bring comfort and insight. This is not the grey little girl I once knew; Barbara, the author, and the woman, has found “the colour in her voice”.
Thank-you Barbara.

Jackie Cooke – lifelong friend and former social worker and speech and language therapist

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